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Bingo Online News
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Internet bingo is played just like in the typical land bingo halls, but you buy virtual cards instead, and the numbers are generated with a Random Number Generator (RNG). The classic bingo experience is emulated extremely well in modern online bingo halls.

One common concern among novices in Internet bingo is the security aspect of playing online. Is there any danger? The most common concerns are:

  1. Are the numbers truly completely random?
    The values of the balls in online bingos are generated with certified Random Number Generator (RNG) technology which ensures that all results are completely random and not dependent on any outside factor.
  2. Are your payments and transactions safe?
    The answer is yes, absolutely! All respectable virtual bingo halls and online casino sites use payment methods that make use of sophisticated encryption software that make all money transfers extremely secure. Even if someone were to eavesdrop on your internet connection, the data would be encrypted and undecipherable.
  3. Are online bingo site operators honest?
    The ones with a high reputation, such as the ones we promote on this site, are trusted bingo operators. The moment they behave dishonestly, their reputation quickly becomes damaged beyond repair, so it's generally in their best interest to keep customers happy. Furthermore, the online bingo software, provided by gambling software providers such as Playtech, is the same on every site and cannot be manipulated at will by the site operators.

The best thing of online bingo is the social interaction possibilities. Some people play online bingo only to socialize with other bingo players and make friends. All Internet bingo halls have a chat feature that allows bingo players to communicate with all other players currently connected to the virtual hall. Winnings and system messages are also displayed in the chat window.

The chat is what makes online bingo halls so much more fun. Without the chat, it wouldn't be nearly as fun as regular land-based bingo. The chat moderators (CMs) and players are always very friendly and welcoming. Unlike other chat venues, there is rarely any "elitist" attitude of long-time regular players speaking bad of new players or making inside jokes, nor other such behavior. Bad talk and swear words are usually not tolerated by the chat moderators.

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