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5 tips to increase your odds when playing Online Bingo

Most people like to play bingo as it gives them a chance to win money without having to spend countless hours learning the game, they can just jump straight in and play bingo from the word go. Even though everyone is usually aware that bingo is based on odds and there is no full control over their chances of winning a game not many people are aware that there are ways that you can defiantly increase your chances of winning when using online bingo sites.

Buy More Cards

When playing bingo on an online bingo site you get a feature known as auto-daub that will mark your bingo cards automatically for you. The huge advantage to this is long gone are the days where you have to listen carefully for numbers being called and only buying cards that you can handle. You can now buy as many cards as the online sites let you, and the more cards you buy the better odds you will have of winning.

Play in More Rooms

Most online bingo sites will have more than 1 game running at once. You are allowed to buy bingo cards in one room and leave and then go and buy cards in another room. You can even pre-buy cards for games too. Taking advantage of this will improve your odds. The reason for this is, the more games you participate in the better your odds will be stacked towards you.

Free Bingo

Taking advantage of happy hour bingo will give you free chances of winning. Most sites offer free bingo throughout the day where you can win real cash for nothing. Even if you do not win in these games it is not like it cost you anything. You usually have to have been a depositing player in the past to play such games.

Times of the Day

During different times of the day, online bingo rooms get crowded than other times. During the weekends and in the evenings is when the rooms get at their fullest. Even though these times will have the biggest pots of money, your odds of winning decrease with every new player in the room. This being said, it is best to find a room that has the smallest number of players in.

Side Games

Bingo sites usually have side games that you can usually play when you are in the middle of a bingo game, or while you wait for your next game to start; usually, these games are slot games. These kinds of games usually have high payout rates and pay more often than bingo. As the online bingo sites know only one person can win bingo they usually let more people win via the slots to kind of make up for this fact.

Know When Enough is Enough

Please note that playing bingo all day in the front of your PC will not guarantee you to win and could lead to an addiction. You need to set yourself a budget and if you do not win one day just try your luck the next day.

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